We offer beautiful and comfortable South African made leather couch and furniture direct from the Cape Town Factory to your home. Includes  nationwide delivery in-home delivery plus NO VAT. You will enjoy South African made quality for a lifetime. You’ll be glad you did. South African made leather couch provides family enjoyment for generations.

Leather Couch
Leather Couch 1.8 meter

Versatility, quality craftsmanship, beauty and comfort are all provided from the leading premium makers of leather furniture. Relax in style with handmade leather furniture from Leathercraft FurnitureClassic Leather Furniture, and Comfort Design Furniture. Our leather furniture is stylish and made with high quality craftsmanship. Each piece of leather furniture is naturally unique and professionally handcrafted for comfort and durability. Leathercraft, Namibian Leather and Comfort and Design premium makers of high quality leather couches. 

Leather Daybed
Leather Daybed

Our specialty is providing you with high quality traditional, transitional and contemporary leather couch.

We offer leather couchesleather sectionalsleather sleeper sofasleather chairs, and tufted leather sofas. All of our leather furniture comes with nationwide delivery in-home white glove delivery and VAT is NOT required by us. Leathercraft furniture, Classic Leather furniture and Comfort Design leather furniture includes factory direct to your home with white glove in-home delivery within the contiguous .

Leather Wingback Chair
Leather Wingback Chair

Handmade with your order specificaitons ensures long lasting enjoyment for years and years. Our leather couch makers exclusively use premium quality Namibian leather hides on their furniture. Only the top-grain of the leather is used which is the most beautiful and durable portion of the leather hide. Leather splits, bi-cast, bonded leathers, or vinyl are never used as they do not last or perform like top-grain leathers. We offer a wide selection of leather couches made by Comfort Design, Leathercraft and Classic Leather furniture.

Leather Chair Charcoal Wingback
Leather Chair Charcoal Wingback

The 3 mistakes to avoid when buying leather furniture are:

1 ) Buying furniture that uses split, bi-cast, bonded leather (ground up scrap leather mixed with resin) or vinyl 3 seater leather couchon any part of the furniture. Some furniture is made using splits or bonded leather on the sides and back to lessen the cost. The colour may look OK when new, but after a short amount of time the leather colou  rs, texture and appearance changes. Also, split and bonded leathers may crack and deteriorate quickly over time and do not age the same as top-grain leather.

2 ) Buying leather furniture made in China. It is said that over 80% of the leather furniture available is made in China. If it does not follow the above mentioned methods then it was made with cost cutting and quality cutting methods. It is very difficult to truely know the construction of the furniture when it is on the showroom floor or pictured on a website. I have never sat in a “comfortable” leather sofa made in China. Learn about the company that made the furniture, where they are located and their construction methods. Leather FurnitureDiscover how that piece of furniture is made because some South African companies will have parts of their furniture made in China and then final assembly is in South Africa and they call that South African made. Some companies will have their leather hides cut and the pattern sewn in China (often called married leather) and then use that like a slip cover over the frame made in the SA, never quite fits right or wears well and they call that South African made. The leather hides are typically medium or poor quality. It is also difficult to match color dye lots when covering a collection like a sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman.

3 ) Buying inexpensive leather furniture and expecting it to look good and last a long time. It is inexpensive because it eliminated the high quality materials and construction methods used for the frame, cushions, tailoring and uses split, bi-cast or bonded leather on parts or all of the furniture. It will not look good and not last a long time.

We believe we are better than the other leather furniture companies because of 5 things:
1 – we only provide the best in materials, craftsmanship and beauty from leather furniture makers who have the same beliefs we do.
2 – everything must be made in South Africa.
3 – we provide extraordinary customer support.
4 – we offer the lowest prices due to our nationwide coverage, local retail showroom and high volume of sales.
5 – over the past 25 years we have become experts in leather furniture and offer that to you in the way of product knowledge.

Leather Care

As with all leather, liquid stains should be wiped off immediately. Do not clean with detergents or soaps as these may discolor the leather. Leather may possibly fade if exposed to strong sunlight. Vacuum often, and lightly wipe with a damp cloth.

Leather in your home
Leather seating needs little or no care under normal household conditions. Leather is by far the strongest upholstery material used in furniture. Its toughness comes from an intricate network of natural fibers within the cow hide. The leather furniture manufacturer does not recommend using any aftermarket leather cleaner or conditioner on their leather furniture.

Keep your leather beautiful
REMOVE DUST – Use the upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove any accumulation of dust on a periodic basis. Use the crevice attachment to vacuum the crevices.
WIPE UP SPILLS – Blot spilled liquids immediately with a clean absorbent cloth or sponge. Most liquids will be initially repelled by leather, but, if left standing over an extended period, they may be absorbed. Cleaning is recommended by using clean or distilled water. Unflavored club soda is a good alternative. Rinse out a natural sponge or cotton cloth in the water and lightly dab the affected area to blot up any residue. Rinse and dab again until you have lightly flushed out the area. Be careful not to soak the leather or you may create another, larger, stain. Don’t rub! Lightly dab or blot the surface – the stain should come out with a gentle, continuous action. Clean the entire area where the spill occurred: for example, the entire seat cushion or the entire arm. If necessary, add mild soap suds (non-acidic Neutrogena Soap is best for pure aniline leathers). With a natural sponge or cotton cloth, remove excess moisture, and allow to air dry. Do not use hair dryers or artificial heat sources. Over the years, this leather may develop a character and sheen of its own from body oils and use, returning many pleasant memories. Dust regularly, no other cleaning is recommended.


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