Nakara Namibia

Kevin Davidow first opened a Manufacturing Factory in 1980, and later establishing a small tannery in the northern industrial area of Windhoek. In recognition of the impending political changes such as changing the country’s name from South West Africa to Namibia, he decided to call his business NAKARA, capitalizing on the association it would have with the well-known Swakara.

In the beginning NAKARA focused only on processing and manufacturing Swakara and other fur, such as fox. Some time later the first leather was produced and by 1989, the tannery was to small to meet demands and a new factory was built and taken into commission in 1990, the same year Namibia gained independence from South Africa.

In spite of many uncertainties at that time, Nakara approached some new challenges head on with the same innovation and re-invention for which they had become known.
With the new tannery in place, Nakara became the only tannery in Namibia able to produce Swakara skins, as Nakara also diversified its product range, producing exotic furniture leathers, as well as ostrich and a selection of beautiful game skins such as zebra.

Kevin Davidow’s persistence and knack for innovation paid off and the business grew so rapidly that the premises required another big renovation in 2003, and another huge investment in 2006 as well as 2010 equipped the Nakara Tannery with advanced technology, enabling the production of today, of which a large percentage is exotic furniture leather. that is exported to upholstery manufacturers in South Africa and Europe +USA.

In September 2011 NAKARA was awarded the prestigious “Tannery of the Year Award" for Africa because of their commitment to technical innovation, environmental best practice, commitment to their workers and to the communities with which they share resources, commitment to maintaining a strong relationship with suppliers and customers and commitment to financial stability.